Emily&Teddy Ultra Luxury Pet Salon  會員須知


感謝您選擇E&T Ultra Luxury Pet Salon為您的寶貝的專屬SPA空間,我們期待能給您的寶貝最放鬆舒適的頂級療程。







5.SPA療程結束請於2小時內接回寶貝,如未能在時間內接回則可預約安親服務 ($300/1HR)。







10.若您遲到 15分鐘,將在您到館時開始計算您的療程服務時間,您遲到的時間,將會反映在療程服務的縮短,因此請儘早到,充分享受您的權益。謝謝您的配合!


E&T 感謝您同意以上會員須知,歡迎您成為我們的會員!

We appreciate you choosing E&T pet spa for your pet salon services. We strive to make E&T the most luxurious and professional place for your pampered pet.

To achieve the highest level and standard of service for you and your pet, the following rules for all clients are strictly enforced with no exceptions.

Following policy is strictly enforced to maintain and preserve the best possible atmosphere and environment for all pet owners and their pets.


  1. Pet salon services are provided by reservation and appointment only. No walk in allowed.


  1. No smoking is allowed anywhere in the salon including the bathroom. Food is also strictly prohibited.


  1. Please refrain from any loud noise and music in the private waiting room. Please keep phone conversation short and in whisper level.


  1. Private waiting room is for pet owners ONLY and NO pet or pets allowed in the waiting room.


  1. Pet is held and kept in holding area for a maximum of 2 hours upon completion of salon service. An extra charge of NT$300 per hour will be charged to the pet owner after 2 hours upon completion of service.


  1. E&T salon specialist will select or recommend the most suitable spa treatment options upon inspection of pet’s skin and coat condition. If there is a pre-existing skin or coat condition with your pet, please advise the staff ahead of time or at the time of inspection.


  1. Please inspect your pet carefully and thoroughly upon completion of service. Any complaint or request will only be honored the same day of pet service. If the issues can’t be resolved the same day, an appointment will be made to resolve the issues as soon as possible.


  1. There is a strict policy for cancellation of appointment. E&T requires that all appointments be cancelled by phone at least 4 hours before the actual appointment time.


  1. If the appointment is made for the first appointment of the day, owners are required to cancel the appointment the night prior to appointment before the salon closes shop (20:00).


  1. Please make every effort to arrive 5-10 minutes early ahead of appointment to take full advantage of the spa treatment time allotted. If the pet is more than 15 minutes late to the start of appointment, the shortage in time will be reflected in the treatment time of the pet service.


E&T would like to thank you again for choosing our services and becoming a member of our luxury pet service. We ask you to respect and adhere by our membership policy and together we can strive to provide the utmost luxury and professional place for all your pet salon services.